Project Details

Project Lead
Shava Smallen 
Project Manager
Shava Smallen 
Project Members
Renan DelValle, Jessica Hartog, Inca Account, Mike Lowe  
Supporting Experts
Shava Smallen  
UC San Diego, San Diego Supercomputer Center  
Computer Science (401) 


Inca is a user-level monitoring tool that has been used successfully in cyberinfrastructure (CI) projects such as the TeraGrid and other similar projects. Its flexible architecture enables multiple types of functionality and performance data to easily be collected about the systems it is monitoring. A unique centralized monitoring configuration approach makes Inca easy to setup and maintain on multiple systems and lends to consistent monitoring results.

Intellectual Merit

Inca aims to improve the reliability of CI systems by simplifying the process of deploying and managing a monitoring system to detect user-level failures and provide support to troubleshoot and resolve problems.

Broader Impacts

Since these CI systems are used by a broad and diverse user base, Inca benefits multiple areas of science and engineering.

Scale of Use

One to tens of VMs.