Investigation on Network Performance in Virtual Machine Based Cloud Environments

Project Details

Project Lead
Feng Wang 
Project Manager
Feng Wang 
Project Members
Ghebrekristos Haileslassie  
The University of Mississippi, Computer and Information Science  
Computer Science (401) 


This proposed research will investigate the network performance of various cloud applications (e.g., live video streaming, video on demand, big data processing, etc.) in virtual machine based cloud environments. The investigation will first be done by measurement with real applications running on cloud platforms (e.g., FutureGrid). The measured data will then be analyzed to identify current limitations on the network performance and cloud platforms. Algorithms and solutions will then be designed to address the identified issues and improve the overall performance. The designed algorithms and solutions will be further evaluated by experiments on cloud platforms such as FutureGrid.

Intellectual Merit

Conduct measurements to investigate and analyze the network performance of various cloud applications on current cloud platforms. Design application-customized solutions to address identified issues and improve the overall performance.

Broader Impacts

The research results will be submitted for research publications, which allow the communities to better understand the network performance and issues on current cloud platforms, as well as provide guidelines for application-customized optimizations on network and overall performance for current and future cloud applications.

Scale of Use

Most of time only a few VMs for measurements, analysis and performance evaluation. Sometimes may need more VMs to examine scalability issues, which will only take several hours each time.