Creating a Highly Configurable, Scalable Cloud Test Bed Using Nimbus and Phantom

Project Details

Project Lead
Patricia Teller 
Project Manager
Patricia Teller 
Project Members
Joshua McKee  
The University of Texas at El Paso, Computer Science  
Computer Science (401) 


The goal of this project is to create a highly configurable, scalable test bed that consists of various heterogeneous hardware devices, both static and mobile, connected over a mobile ad hoc network (MANET). This test bed will allow us to measure the effectiveness of such a system, for example under different scheduling strategies. Furthermore, we incorporated a technique that detects the remaining battery life of the mobile devices in the test bed, which uses Phantom, open-source cloud broker software – this will facilitate future planned modifications to the cloud scheduler. To facilitate the creation of a cloud test bed of this type, we also created automation scripts for easy test bed setup, configuration, and scaling.

Intellectual Merit

The creation of a power-aware cloud testbed, connected via a MANET, that is easily scalable and configurable.

Broader Impacts

The ability to test the performance of a MANET-connected cloud testbed, and scripts for easily setting up such a cloud.

Scale of Use

less than 10 VMs at a time