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The Simple API for Grid Applications (SAGA) is an OGF standard (, and defines a high level, application oriented API for developing first principle distributed applications. Our SAGA implementation (in C++ and Python, see is able to interface to a variety of middleware backends. We also develop application frameworks based on SAGA, such as Master-Worker, MapReduce, AllPairs, BigJobs, etc.\n\n\n\nFor all those components, we intent to use futuregrid and the different software environments available on FG for extensive portability and interoperability testing, but also for scale-up and scale-out experiments. The proposed activities will allow to harden the SAGA components described above.
Use of FutureSystems
development, porting and testing of SAGA (see web page)\n\n - scale-out and scale-up experiments of SAGA based applications and frameworks\n\n - interoperability testing for distributed SAGA based applications (see also
Scale of Use
In general we have very low scale requirements, but would like to be able to test scale up and scale-out now and then, for very short periods of time (hours to a few days).