Improved next generation sequencing analytics

Project Details

Project Lead
Sarath Chandra Janga 
Project Manager
Sarath Chandra Janga 
Project Members
Seyedsasan Hashemikhabir  
IUPUI, Department of Biohealth Informatics, IUPUI School of Informatics and Computing  
Genetics (610) 
51.1306 Medical Genetics 


Development of next generation of computational algorithms for analyzing large-scale genomic data.

Intellectual Merit

Computational algorithmic improvements and fundamental innovations in dealing with big data in medical genomics.

Broader Impacts

Long term goal would be to be able to deploy the improved algorithms in clinics.

Scale of Use

Research work in the lab. I want to run a set of comparisons on entire systems and for each I'll need about 10 days to do that.