Virtual Machine Live Migration for Disaster Recovery in WANs

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Computer Science
Wide-area virtual machine (VM) live migration technology can be used as a disaster recovery solution for IT services by moving virtualized servers to safe locations upon a critical disaster. In this scenario, it is desirable to evacuate as many VMs in a datacenter as possible without deteriorating the network performance. The challenges are that 1) if we migrate a large number of VMs simultaneously, the migration times of individual VM increases, which would result in the high probability of migration failures due to power or network link breakdown and 2) network conditions fluctuate over time. Therefore, each individual VM needs to be migrated as quickly as possible. FutureGrid will allow us to investigate the characteristics of the network when migration of VMs takes place in real WANs.
Use of FutureSystems
Live migration of virtual machines will be performed across the sites of FutureGrid in wide area networks.
Scale of Use
Experiments will be conducted on 10-20 VMs.