Course: Fall 2014 Spring 2015 Big Data Applications and Analytics (Data Science and Informatics Curriculum)

Project Details

Project Lead
Geoffrey Fox 
Project Manager
Geoffrey Fox 
Project Members
Hyungro Lee, Tanesha Harvey, Joseph Reutt, Badi Abdul-Wahid, siqi hong, Yinzhi Wang, Daniel Choe, Tian Wang, Hyunyoung Lim, Abhishek Datar, Lizhe Zhang, Tushig Khangal, Grant Chamberlain, Kurt Stenger, Kamal Kanth Chowdary Adusumilli, Evan Russell, Markas Mongirdas, Charlie Plager  
Supporting Experts
Gregor von Laszewski, Fugang Wang  
Indiana University, Community Grids Laboratory  
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This project supports online data science I590 with Python or Java

Intellectual Merit

This is an overview course on data science taken also by regukar Informatics graduate students and undergraduates

Broader Impacts

Data science and MOOC technology used broadly interesting

Scale of Use