Simulations of Particle Physics data from LHC to tune Monte Carlo Event generators

Project Details

Project Lead
Nameeqa Firdous 
Project Manager
Nameeqa Firdous 
University of Wah, Department of Physics  
Physics (203) 


Event generators simulate high energy particle physics events and are extremely important tools in particle physics analyses. Different phenomenological physics models are implemented in several Monte Carlo (MC) event generators such as PYTHIA, PHOJET and HERWIG etc. These MC event generators have free parameters which need to be tuned to improve the agreement with the data. . The aim of this project is to build an environment for the comparison of Monte Carlo simulations to the data with particular emphasis on the published data from LHC.

Intellectual Merit

This project will help to study the physics behind Monte Carlo event generators and to introduce new concept where applicable.

Broader Impacts

This project seeks to develop new tunes (predictions) that can be implemented by other particle physics groups used for the data/MC comparison.

Scale of Use

Few VMS for an experiment.