Testing Research

Project Details

Project Lead
Ningjing Tian 
Project Manager
Ningjing Tian 
University of Delaware, Computer and Information Science Department  
Computer Science (401) 


We are exploring research focused on testing elastic systems. We need access to a cloud system where we can experiment with different testing strategies for these systems from both the system and the application perspective.

Intellectual Merit

This project will result in novel theory and implementation of automatic testing strategies and frameworks for elastic systems.

Broader Impacts

This project will make contributions to helping users of the cloud-based systems make more cost-effective decisions and software and improve the effectiveness of elastic systems by providing ways to test, validate and compares different systems. Together, this impacts the quality of service and cost effectiveness of elastic systems.

Scale of Use

A few VMs for learning about these systems, and then for running experiments, several days a week.


This is a new project just getting started, trying to gather preliminary data for guiding our research.