COM 448 Cloud Big Data Systems and Analytics

Project Details

Project Lead
Haluk Gumuskaya 
Project Manager
Haluk Gumuskaya 
Project Members
Işıl AKAR, Fatoumata Bocoum, Burak Colak, Saad Kulumba, Levent Yavuz, Çağlar ERGÜL, sefa kandil, M Mustafa YEŞİL, Serhan Ozgun, Huseyin Abaci, SAID ABDULLAHI SAID KASSIM, Francisco Oliveira, Ally Hassan HAMISI, Pedro Magalhaes, kalushia shafique, Ahmet Tavli, Hakan SELEK, Hafsa Elif Elalmış  
Supporting Experts
Hyungro Lee  
Gediz University, Computer Engineering  
Computer Science (401) 
14.09 Computer Engineering 


I am teaching a course on Cloud Big Data Systems and Analytics. My students will use Hadoop Ecosystem for data intensive projects.

Course Description:
Data deluge, Computing Model: Clouds, Data Centers, Virtualization, Research Model: 4th Paradigm, Data Science Process: DIKW, Recommender Systems, Algorithms: User-based Nearest-Neighbor Collaborative Filtering, Vector Space Formulation of Recommender Systems, Item-based Collaborative Filtering, k Nearest Neighbors and High Dimensional Spaces, Basic Principles of Parallel Computing, Cloud Computing Technologies for Big Data Applications and Analytics: Apache Data Analysis Open Stack, MapReduce, Hadoop, Web Search, Text Mining and their Technologies, Kmeans and MapReduce Parallelism, PageRank, NoSQL, BigTable, HBase, Indexing Technologies, Pig and Hive, Pig PageRank, Pig K-means, Build Search Engine, Internet of Things and Sensors.

Intellectual Merit

The cloud big data systems and analytics are very important teaching and research areas today. The students will learn these new exiting fields and be prepared for future computing systems.

Broader Impacts

The students will get hands on experience on cloud big data systems and learn new exiting fields. They will be prepared for future computing systems.

Scale of Use

There are 17 students. They will form teams. There will be 7-8 team projects. They will submit their small homework assignments and projects onto a Hadoop cluster for short durations. Each student will need to create at least 4 VMs.