DBPedia Project in Summer

Project Details

Project Lead
Naveen Madhire 
Project Manager
Naveen Madhire 
Indiana Universiry Bloomington, IU  
Computer Science (401) 


Google Summer of Code 2015 is a global program where students can participate for writing code for open source community. I've submitted a proposal this year to contribute to DBPedia open source. My proposal has been accepted and I would be working on the project from May 2015 to August 2015. The project is remodel the existing Pig framework to a more robust and scalable framework using Apache spark. I would need to test the project on large scalable Cloudera Hadoop Cluster.
PFB the link to accepted proposal,
DBpedia PigNlproc Code base which I would be working on,

Intellectual Merit

DBPedia pignlproc project would help the broader open source community.

Broader Impacts


Scale of Use

Approx 6 VMs each with 8 CPUs