A survey of microbial community during the composting process to mushroom production

Project Details

Project Lead
Fabricio Rocha Vieira 
Project Manager
Fabricio Rocha Vieira 
The Pennsylvania State University, Plant Pathology and Microbiology Environmental  
Agricultural Sciences (501) 
---102 Agricultural Engineering--- 


This project has aim to explore the microbial community to increase the yield of mushroom crops and disease control for growers.

Intellectual Merit

This project aims to improve the compost for growing Agaricus mushroom contributing to mushroom growers of the United States to have a padroniaçào the process becoming the most stable production.

Broader Impacts

Enrich the knowledge of microbial communities in agriculture using modern approaches seuqncimento and thus making agirucltura a field of interest to molecualr engineering.

Scale of Use

I'll need about 20 days to do that.