Course: Spring 2017 CSCI-B649/E599 Cloud Computing

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Computer Science
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Spring 2017 CSCI-B649/E599 Cloud Computing is a course for young computer scientists working in the field of software and systems. It is offered to a class of 200+ graduate students and 6+ AIs covering core Computer Science distributed systems curricula ( Cloud computing form a rapidly changing field of Distributed systems in computer science. We study the evolutional changes in computing landscape characterized by parallel, distributed, and cloud computing systems. We use FutureSystems testbed to build our prototype systems and have an in-depth study the essential issues in practice such as scalability, performance, availability, security, energy-efficiency, and workload balancing.    
Use of FutureSystems
Runs jobs in a cluster and a standalone mode during the class project.
Scale of Use
4 vCPUS (4vms) per student group, with up to 100 groups.