Lattice QCD on Xeon Phi

Project Details

Project Lead
Steven Gottlieb 
Project Manager
Steven Gottlieb 
Indiana University, Department of Physics  
Physics (203) 
---203 Physics--- 


We will use Tango to develop code and run benchmarks of the MILC code suite on Intel KNL processors. We are part of the Indiana University Intel Parallel Computing Center. We will compare results on Tango to systems with other networks and versions of the processor.

Intellectual Merit

The code developed and benchmarks run here will enable us to optimally use the MILC code to explore issues in lattice QCD that are critical to interpretation of multiple high energy physics experiments such as LHCb, BES III, and BELLE II. We also expect that comparison benchmarks will allow us to optimize system design for future cluster purchases.

Broader Impacts

Intel is supporting the development of the MILC code on Xeon Phi, and we are sharing our experience in optimizing code so that other groups can learn from our efforts and, hopefully, employ similar techniques in their codes.

Scale of Use

Run scaling tests of code on tango. May need to benchmark multiple versions of code. Scaling test could take 10s of node hours. If the system is not heavily utilized, could try an actual physics project.