E599 Graph Analytics

Project Details

Project Lead
Ariful Azad 
Project Manager
Ariful Azad 
Project Members
Mohammad Khaledur Rahman, Sabra Ossen, Bo Feng, Adam Barker, Zhixiang Gu, Md Taufique Hussain, Catherine Pilachowski, Lucas Brasilino, Kaikai Zhao, Yan Song, Carrie Ganote, Fanbo Sun, Qianqian Tang, Bibrak Qamar Chandio  
Indiana University , Intelligent Systems Engineering  
Engineering, n.e.c. (114) 


Students of the Graph Analytics class will use for their projects. This course covers parallel graph analytics and systems.

Intellectual Merit

Students will learn parallel graph analytics and systems.

Broader Impacts

The new generation of Data analytics will be trained through this project

Scale of Use

About 15 students will use the system sporadically