CFD and Workload Management Experimentation

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Cummins Inc., Combustion Research  
Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering (108) 


We request an allocation of computational time on the Cray XT5 and IBM IDataPlex systems within FutureGrid to perform performance analysis on a set of real workflows of interest to Cummins and to the world as a whole because of the potential to reduce oil dependency and pollution emissions through better design of diesel engines.

Intellectual Merit

Dr. Steven E. Koonin, DOE Undersecretary for Science, gave a presentation to the National Science Foundation Advisory Committee for Cyberinfrastructure on 27 May 2010 during which he stated that Within the US we do not do a good job of marshalling our public cyberinfrastructure resources as effectively as we should to meet national priorities in collaboration with the private sector and  We need more examples of HPC (High Performance Computing) being used to the benefit of US industry in solving some of our national energy and manufacturing needs. This project should provide just such examples.

Broader Impacts

This project could aid Cummins Inc. in its efforts to decrease emissions and improve fuel efficiency of its diesel engines, and that could have tremendous impact on the global environment.

Scale of Use

Up to hundreds of cores on the two systems requested