XSEDE system software testing

Project Details

Project Lead
Andrew Grimshaw 
Project Manager
Karolina Sarnowska-Upton 
Project Members
Karolina Sarnowska-Upton, Avinash Kalyanaraman, Muhammad Yanhaona, Victor Hazlewood, Chad Vizino, Chris Jordan, Troy Baer, Ryan Braby, J Ray Scott, Sivakumar Kulasekaran, Tabitha Samuel, Gary Rogers, Michael Campfield, Derek Simmel, Sal Valente  
University of Virginia, Computer Science  
Computer Science (401) 


XSEDE is the NSF follow on to the TeraGrid. The XSEDE system architecture is a three layer architecture with an access layer, a services layer, and a resources layer. The access and services layers require resources on which to run. It is desirable to test the XSEDE system software on non-production resources before each release, and during development. We would like to use FutureGrid resources as a testbed for XSEDE software development.

Intellectual Merit

XSEDE is an NSF-funded infrastructure project. The intellectual merit comes primarily via the science that is done using the infrastructure.

Broader Impacts

The impact of XSEDE will be significant. Dozens of large science projects will use XSEDE on a daily basis. Further, XSEDE will lower the barriers for collaboration between campuses.

Scale of Use

Large scale, not so much in nodes as in number of hosts.


XSEDE software testing on FutureGrid began in earnest mid-October 2011. The work built upon our earlier Genesis II testing and Genesis II/UNIOCRE 6 interoperation testing projects on FutureGrid. Accounts for XSEDE staff have been provided, and enhanced permission for a UNICORE 6 service on each of Alamo, India, Sierra, and X-Ray has been provided. While the testing process is still in progress FutureGrid has been an invaluable resource for the XSEDE testing team. XSEDE-specific UNICORE 6 endpoints have been deployed and tested on India, Sierra, and X-ray, and called by a Genesis II meta-scheduler (grid queue) running at UVA. Similarly Genesis II endpoints have been deployed on India and Alamo for Global Federated File System (GFFS) testing.

The FutureGrid system adminsitrators have been most helpful in this process.