Extending local resource using Clouds

Project Details

Project Lead
John Thottam 
Project Manager
John Thottam 
Supporting Experts
Yuduo Zhou, Jerome Mitchell  
Model Engineering College, Cochin University of Science And Technology , Computer Science Division  
Computer Science (401) 


Our work is to establish an on-demand and dynamic extension of an existing cluster resource using clouds.In our model we build an additional layer which is separate from the applications and capable of measuring their workload and acquiring or releasing cloud according to the demand.   A resource manager is built on the Nimbus toolkit to dynamically and securely extend existing physical clusters into the cloud.This resource manager interfaces directly with torque and parses its output to evaluate the status of the cluster nodes.The decision to add or release nodes from the cloud is made according to the policies and measuring the workloads handled by the cluster resources.

Intellectual Merit

Buying resource with peak time usage in mind is too expensive. So hiring a cloud, but only using it whenever there is additional demand will pave for a new development in the industry. This will dramatically reduce cost in the case of Universities where, the traffic is too much during the publishing of results or during on-line examinations

Broader Impacts

This project helps in getting access to resources at a remote place to a broader audience. Educational Institutions can make use of remote resources in computations, experiments and so is the scientific community. resource scarcity can be reduced with this effort

Scale of Use

We need to launch a few VMs for the experiment which wont last for more than an hour during a single launch.