FutureGrid and Grid'5000 Collaboration

Project Details

Project Lead
Mauricio Tsugawa 
Project Manager
Mauricio Tsugawa 
Project Members
Kate Keahey, Pierre Riteau  
University of Florida, University of Florida  
Computer Science (401) 
14.09 Computer Engineering 


This project investigates sky computing deployment across FutureGrid and Grid'5000.

Intellectual Merit

This project investigates sky computing scalability using resources in the US (FutureGrid) and abroad (Grid'5000 in France).

Broader Impacts

A virtual cluster deployed across FutureGrid and Grid'5000 allows users to experiment with intercontinental environments.

Scale of Use

Typical experiment would need few (2-4) nodes/VMs in each site (alamo, hotel, india, foxtrot, sierra, etc).