RAIN: FutureGrid Dynamic provisioning Framework

Project Details

Project Lead
Gregor von Laszewski 
Project Manager
Javier Diaz Montes 
Project Members
Javier Diaz Montes, Fugang Wang, , Sergey Blagodurov, Sharif Islam  
Indiana University, Digital Science Center, School of Informatics and Computing  
Computer Science (401) 


This project allows its users to use dynamic provisioning on the production cluster on india.

Intellectual Merit

The FG image management framework RAIN allows users to deploy images on VMs, and bare metal. If you like to try out this feature, please contact laszewski@gmail.com.

Broader Impacts

The user is able to provision his own images in HPC. This is typically not allowed on other systems.

Scale of Use

All of india could be provisioned.


  1. fg-1280
  2. fg-1295
  3. fg-1270
  4. fg-1241