GFFS Testing for XSEDE pilot

Project Details

Project Lead
Richard Knepper 
Project Manager
Richard Knepper 
Indiana University, Research Technologies Campus Bridging  
Computer Science (401) 
11.01 Computer and Information Sciences, General 


Testing of the GFFS software on FutureGrid systems.

Intellectual Merit

This will provide direct information for the Genesis II team about their software, as well as to the XSEDE operations team about operational concerns for running the softare on XSEDE resources. Genesis II has previously been implemented on FutureGrid resources and it will serve as a suitable testbed for user education and preparation for

Broader Impacts

This information can be used to inform other implementers of the GFFS software, and extend the user base of the Genesis II software.

Scale of Use

Few machines for experiment, potentially larger (e.g. all of Xray or Alamo) for testing multiple job submissions.