Nimbus Auto Scale (Phantom)


In this project we will be creating software that provides VM scaling services to the scientific community.

Intellectual Merit

Discover best practices for highly scalable embarassingly parallel applications using backfill VM techniques.

Broader Impact

This has the potential to change how cloud computing is presented to scientists of non-computational disciplines (biology, physics, etc).

Use of FutureSystems

I intend to use the FutureGrid Nimbus and OpenStack clouds.

Scale Of Use

between 4 and 100 cores depending on the experiment in question


Pierre Riteau
Kate Keahey
University of Chicago

Project Members

Ismael Cuadrado Cordero
Kate Keahey
Lavanya Ramakrishnan
Pierre Riteau
Tonglin Li
Umesh Deshpande
Wei Tang

Project Alumni

John Bresnahan
David LaBissoniere
Adrian Muresan
Patrick Armstrong
Paul Marshall
Radu Tudoran
Nicholas Bond
Erik Keever
Scott Small
Ricardo Mantilla
Radoslaw Goska
Evan Sangaline
Myunghwa Hwang
Anand Padmanabhan
Val Hendrix
Pradeep Kumar Mantha
Alex Lam
Ali Alzabarah
Dmitry Duplyakin
Gregor von Laszewski
Fugang Wang
Mike Chester
Massimo Canonico
Robert Prior
Sergey Panitkin
Jean Utke
Sri Hari Krishna Narayanan
Lan Zhao
I Luk Kim
Jan Balewski
Sarala Arunagiri
Joshua McKee
Justin Stevens


17 weeks 6 days ago