Investigation of Security on client platforms in e-health systems

Project Details

Project Lead
LaWanda Warren 
Project Manager
LaWanda Warren 
Project Members
Hongmei Chi  
Supporting Experts
Fugang Wang  
Florida A & M University, Computer and Information Science  
Computer Science (401) 
11.04 Information Sciences and Systems 


With cloud computing there are risks and challenges in how privacy and security of patient information is maintained. This project aims to present an architecture that builds a private cloud for healthcare infrastructures, where I will test security of client platforms which uses network security concepts (i.e. authentication, identification). The project will focus on granting users and administrators with different levels of security, allowing some users to input their personal information and verifying you can access and what can be seen in a mixed cloud environment.

Intellectual Merit

The proposed project will research the security measures that are needed for a secure cloud system. I will attempt to: 1. Establish a governance framework that defines roles, responsibilities, policies, procedures and accountability requirements. 2. Provide personnel with unique access credentials and use electronic signatures. 3. Use a backup and recovery plan that includes security considerations for e-health systems.

Broader Impacts

The success of this project will provide an understanding of what security policies have to be in place when dealing with patient's personal information. I will explore the features of various security models via real-world scenarios. I will discuss what is the best cloud service model for e-health systems.

Scale of Use

I will need several VMs to create a private and public environment to compare security of client platforms. I am looking to test and develop this project over the next six to eight months.