Class Assignment: Map Reduce Comparison

Project Details

Project Lead
Hang Li 
Project Manager
Hang Li 
Project Members
Rajdeep Bhuyar  
University of Southern California, Electrical Engineering  
Electrical and Related Engineering (106) 
14.09 Computer Engineering 


This project is done as part of the course EE657 taught at University of Southern California between Aug. 21, 2012 and Dec. 15, 2012. The class is offered to graduate students. The goal of this project is to introduce the students to cloud computing and internet of things. This is achieved by a project that compares a well known word count application on Hadoop using Eucalptus, Nimbus, and at least one other Clod Framework such as OpenStack, OpenNebula, or Sector/Sphere. The link to the class web site and its curriculum is

Intellectual Merit

This project is an educational homework assignment conducted under the supervision of Prof. Kai Hwang. It is an effort to educate students as part of the course EE657 at University of Southern California. The learning outcome of this assignment should make the students be able to handle basic cloud infrastructure as well as the use of Hadoop. The work conducted is the homework assignment No. 4. The students will compare performance on Hadoop using Eucalptus, Nimbus, and at least one other of OpenStack, OpenNebula, or Sector/Sphere.

Broader Impacts

14 students attend the class, and one is female, 5 are from underrepresented groups.

Scale of Use

A few VMs for an experiment with 14 students.


The students will most likely use Hotel and india

So far one student of the class has contacted us. All other students will join this project.