Software as a Service Framework to Execute Scientific Applications in Federated Environments

Project Details

Project Lead
Javier Diaz Montes 
Project Manager
Javier Diaz Montes 
Project Members
Ivan Rodero, Mengsong Zou, Jian Ren, Ali Reza Zamani  
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute (RDI2) / NSF Center for Cloud and Autonomic Computing (CAC)  
Computer Science (401) 


The complexity of many problems in science and engineering requires computational capacity greatly exceeding what average user can expect from a single computational center. While many of these problems are conveniently parallel, their collective complexity exceeds computational time and throughput that average user can obtain from a single computational center. Therefore it is needed to aggregate the computational power of different centers geographically distributed to create a federation of resources that can work together. However, since this involves the orchestration of multiple resources, it may be difficult to use by many scientist. For this reason, in this project we are going to develop a Software as a Service framework to ease the access to both resources and application while hidding the underlying details. Autonomic computing techniques will be used to allow users to specify the resources they want to use and when they want to use it. This project is going to be performed by a goup of high school students as part of the New Jersey Governor’s School of Engineering and Technology.

Intellectual Merit

The main goal of the project is to create a Software as a Service framework to execute scientific applications across federated resources.

Broader Impacts

This project pretends to initiate students in research activities related to autonomic computing, HPC and cloud. They will also learn how real world scientific applications work.

Scale of Use

We plan to use several systems such a India, Sierra and Hotel for occasionally.