Course: Testbed for Metagenomics

Project Details

Project Lead
Blake Stamps 
Project Manager
Blake Stamps 
Project Members
Bradley Stevenson  
Supporting Experts
Saliya Ekanayake  
University of Oklahoma, Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology  
Microbiology, Immunology, and Virology (611) 


The use of high performance computing resources within microbiology and molecular biology is still foreign to many students and researchers. A course in which these skills will be taught will be undertaken in 2014, however prior to this a testbed experiment must be run to ensure that the course is run smoothly, and the software used within the course can be implemented effectively on FutureGrid resources. A test of two months of FutureGrid resources will be used to evaluate the ability of an experienced user and a new user to the system to successfully navigate FutureGrid, launching and running of virtual machines, and the transfer of completed class material to and from FutureGrid.

Intellectual Merit

This test will educate a new user in the use of FutureGrid and allow for a course in 16S analysis to take place at the University of Oklahoma.

Broader Impacts

This test will provide the gateway for a course at the University of Oklahoma which will allow more researchers to understand and use federated academic grids to their advantage, further democratizing the mass sequencing efforts currently underway.

Scale of Use

A few VMs as a testbed for QIIME for one to two months.