Course: Big Data Applications and Analytics

Project Details

Project Lead
Abhilash Koppula 
Project Manager
Geoffrey Fox 
Project Members
, yishi yang, Chiyang Tsao, Gregor von Laszewski, Allan Streib, Jonathan Klinginsmith, Sidd Maini, Abhilash Koppula, Allan Streib, Brittany Harris, Ben Rawlins, Logan Margulis, Jason Tiedmann, Aravindh Varadharaju, Jiawen Wei, Hang Zhou, Adam Sobol, Zack Medlock, Morgyn Thompson, Priyank Kabaria, Alec Greene, Harsh Seth, Erin Wycoff, Abhik Seal, Alex Brewers, Kevin Moriarty, Josh Levan, Fugang Wang, Hyungro Lee, Sridhar Rajagopalan, Varun Patil, Ramakant Khandel, Daryl Lopes, Christine Berndt, Mark ciganovic, Gayathri Rajan, Christina Loop, Gautam Kamath, Jayagowri Rajasekaran, Garett Montanez, Anesu Chaora, Craig DeVaney  
Indiana University, Community Grids Lab  
Computer Science (401) 


FutureGrid support for the Big Data Course (

Intellectual Merit

This project is used as lab support for the I400 & I590 students with preconfigured VMs. Python and Java are languages to be explored. Ease of student use will be investigated

Broader Impacts

MOOC's are attractive approach to Minority Serving Institution Education This project will help improve educational opportunities for communities without access to important new curricula

Scale of Use

Number of students enrolled for I400 & I590