Tumor Model Prototyping

Project Details

Project Lead
John Metzcar 
Project Manager
John Metzcar 
Project Members
Randy Heiland, Yafei Wang, Brandon Fischer, Ben Duggan  
Indiana University, School of Informatics and Computing - Intelligent Systems Engineering - Macklin Laboratory  
Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (402) 
14.05 Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering 


Develop and test a combined continuous level model of the microenvironment of a metastatic lesion with a "semi-discrete" model of tumor cell mechanics in Matlab. Once proven, we will move the model to C++ for use on desktop level systems.

Intellectual Merit

The semi-discrete description of tumor cell dynamics is the first of its kind and will greatly reduce the difficulty making tumor growth models while still capturing the needed level of detail.

Broader Impacts

This model is part of a broader project studying the effects on hypoxia on the dynamics of metastatic development and seeding. Additionally, the methods developed will eventually become part of an open source cancer modeling software package, PhysiCell.

Scale of Use

Use of a single node occasionally during model development.