Active Projects

Project Number Project Name Project Lead Created Completed Project Status
FG-545 Constructing a High Performance and Low Power Campus Research Cyberinfrastructure at IU Lei Jiang (jiang60) 2018-06-05 Approved
FG-543 Twister2 Supun Kamburugamuve (skamburu) 2018-05-05 Approved
FG-542 Visualization of Indy Car telemetry data Judy Qiu (xqiu) 2018-05-03 Approved
FG-539 Running Github Analysis with Spark Pulasthi Wickramasinghe (pulasthiiu) 2018-02-20 Approved
FG-535 Twister2 Yarn/Mesos Integration Ahmet Uyar (auyar) 2017-11-13 Approved
FG-532 Exploring Distributed Traininig Strategies for Neural Networks with Tensorflow Jerome Mitchell (jemitche) 2017-10-17 Approved
FG-530 Deep learning with python Bokyoon Na (bkna) 2017-06-15 Approved
FG-529 Tumor Model Prototyping John Metzcar (jpmetzca) 2017-05-22 Approved
FG-528 Photon Martin Swany (swany) 2017-04-17 Approved
FG-525 Lattice QCD on Xeon Phi Steven Gottlieb (sgottlie) 2017-02-20 Approved