Archived Projects

Project Number Project Name Project Lead Created Completed Project Status
FG-1 Peer-to-peer overlay networks and applications in virtual networks and virtual clusters 2010-12-17 Completed
FG-3 Survey of Open-Source Cloud Infrastructure using FutureGrid Testbed 2010-12-20 Completed
FG-4 Word Sense Disambiguation for Web 2.0 Data 2010-12-20 Completed
FG-6 Parameter sweeps for multi-cell models on FutureGrid 2010-12-20 Completed
FG-7 SDCI NMI Improvement: Pegasus: From Concept to Execution- - -Mapping Scientific Workflows onto the National Cyberinfrastructure 2010-12-20 Completed
FG-8 Running workflows in the cloud with Pegasus 2010-12-20 Completed
FG-9 Distributed Execution of Kepler Scientific Workflow on Future Grid 2010-12-20 Completed
FG-10 TeraGrid XD TIS(Technology Insertion Service) Technology Evaluation Laboratory 2010-12-23 Completed
FG-12 The Virtual Block Store system 2010-12-23 Completed
FG-14 Course: Distributed Scientific Computing Class 2010-12-23 Completed