Archived Projects

Project Number Project Name Project Lead Created Completed Project Status
FG-70 Big Data for Science Summer School July 26-30 2010 2011-01-08 Completed
FG-75 Cumulus 2011-01-09 Completed
FG-38 Fine-grained Application Energy Modeling 2010-12-23 Completed
FG-73 TeraGrid QA Testing and Debugging 2011-01-08 Completed
FG-76 Differentiated Leases for Infrastructure-as-a-Service 2011-01-09 Completed
FG-71 Course: B649 Topics on Systems Graduate Cloud Computing Class 2011-01-08 Completed
FG-74 Sky Computing 2011-01-09 Completed
FG-77 Periodogram Workflow Running on FutureGrid Using Pegasus 2011-01-10 Completed
FG-14 Course: Distributed Scientific Computing Class 2010-12-23 Completed
FG-56 Windows and Linux performance comparison 2010-12-23 Completed