Archived Projects

Project Number Project Name Project Lead Created Completed Project Status
FG-437 Engineers for Exploration 2014-06-06 Completed
FG-313 HyFlowTM 2013-02-26 Completed
FG-354 A scalable matrix-based framework for social dynamics learning 2013-07-10 Completed
FG-479 A study on Future systems as part of the course in IT department in Higher Education, Oman 2015-08-26 Completed
FG-499 A survey of microbial community during the composting process to mushroom production 2016-02-23 Completed
FG-417 Active and Janus Particles 2014-03-18 Completed
FG-548 Activity Reognition 2018-08-04 Completed
FG-163 Advanced Networking 2011-10-05 Completed
FG-36 Advanced Technology for Sensor Clouds 2010-12-23 Completed
FG-547 AECOX algorithm development 2018-06-22 Completed