Archived Projects

Project Number Project Name Project Lead Created Completed Project Status
FG-3 Survey of Open-Source Cloud Infrastructure using FutureGrid Testbed 2010-12-20 Completed
FG-124 Course: CCGrid2011 Tutorial 2011-05-20 Completed
FG-50 Performance evaluation of MapReduce applications 2010-12-23 Completed
FG-86 Parallel Analysis of EEG Data with Hadoop on FutureGrid 2011-01-31 Completed
FG-150 SC11: Using and Building Infrastructure Clouds for Science 2011-09-08 Completed
FG-83 OpenStack on FutureGrid 2011-01-19 Completed
FG-143 Course: Cloud Computing for Data Intensive Science Class 2011-08-16 Completed
FG-260 Improve resource utilization in MapReduce 2012-09-06 Completed
FG-27 Evaluation of Hadoop for IO-intensive applications 2010-12-23 Completed
FG-261 Investigation of Data Locality and Fairness in MapReduce 2012-09-06 Completed