Archived Projects

Project Number Project Name Project Lead Created Completed Project Status
FG-494 Analysis of Large Born-Digital Media Collections for Long-Term Library Deposit 2016-01-04 Completed
FG-252 Analyzing Large-scale Cancer Genomics Sequencing Data with Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Data Analysis Tools in Hybrid Cloud 2012-08-28 Completed
FG-101 Annotation of High-Throughput Transcriptome Data 2011-03-24 Completed
FG-409 Apache Storm and Samza 2014-01-24 Completed
FG-427 Apache Stratos deployment for MOOC 2014-04-22 Completed
FG-223 APE Testing for Ocean Observatories Initiative 2012-05-30 Completed
FG-381 Authentication of Mobile Cloud Computing 2013-10-02 Completed
FG-230 Automatic Extraction of Heterogeneous Parallelism from Array-based High-level Languages 2012-06-19 Completed
FG-540 Benchmarking Hadoop and Spark 2018-04-22 Completed
FG-289 Benchmarking the cloud 2012-11-09 Completed