Archived Projects

Project Number Project Name Project Lead Created Completed Project Status
FG-523 Class: I523 - Big Data and Software 2017-01-10 Completed
FG-520 Course: Spring 2017 CSCI-B649/E599 Cloud Computing 2016-12-22 Completed
FG-519 Course: B534/E599 DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS Fall 2016 2016-11-01 Completed
FG-511 Course: Big Data Applications and Analytics (Fall 2016 ENG599/I423/I523) 2016-08-04 Completed
FG-507 Network Analysis 2016-07-07 Completed
FG-506 Hadoop 2 - Experiments 2016-06-15 Completed
FG-505 Deep Learning framework in Python under RaPyDLI 2016-05-25 Completed
FG-504 Class: REU2016 2016-05-24 Completed
FG-503 FG491 Overflow 2016-04-29 Completed
FG-502 RADICAL Research 2016-03-26 Completed