Projects: gpu

Project Number Project Name Project Lead Institution Created Completed
FG-505 Deep Learning framework in Python under RaPyDLI Md. Lisul Islam Indiana University, Bloomington 05/25/2016 06/06/2018 completed
FG-434 GPU Acceleration of Synthetic Aperture Radar Processing Carl Leuschen KU 06/03/2014 01/21/2016 completed
FG-432 Course: 2014 Topics in Parallel Computation Heru Suhartanto Universitas Indonesia 05/13/2014 01/21/2016 completed
FG-424 Deep Learning with GPUs Mohammed Korayem IU 04/11/2014 01/21/2016 completed
FG-326 Biosimulation test using GPUs Charles Welzig Medical University of South Carolina 04/25/2013 01/21/2016 completed
FG-226 GPU Experimentation using Delta Andrew Younge University of Southern California / ISI (East) 06/06/2012 01/21/2016 completed
FG-203 Compression on GPUs Adnan Ozsoy Indiana University Bloomington 04/02/2012 01/21/2016 completed