Projects: machine learning

Project Number Project Name Project Lead Institution Created Completed
FG-544 Peptide Spectrum Analyze by ML approaches Kaiyuan Liu Indiana University 05/18/2018 approved
FG-533 Security in Machine Learning Models Lei Wang Indiana University Bloomington 11/01/2017 approved
FG-519 Course: B534/E599 DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS Fall 2016 Judy Qiu Indiana University 11/01/2016 06/06/2018 completed
FG-484 Machine Learning - Independent Study Arun Kancharla University of Mississippi 09/22/2015 01/04/2016 completed
FG-470 Developing a Hybrid Approach to Automated Social Intelligence Katherine Metcalf Indiana University 05/01/2015 06/06/2018 completed
FG-397 Laboratory for Cosmological Data Mining Robert Brunner University of Illinois 11/22/2013 01/04/2016 completed
FG-358 Course: UoIceland Teaching Morris Riedel Juelich Supercomputing Centre 08/09/2013 01/21/2016 completed
FG-340 Research: Parallel Computing for Machine Learning Wilson Rivera University of Puerto Rico 06/11/2013 01/21/2016 completed
FG-132 Large scale data analytics Yogesh Simmhan University of Southern California 06/26/2011 01/21/2016 completed