Projects: scalability

Project Number Project Name Project Lead Institution Created Completed
FG-354 A scalable matrix-based framework for social dynamics learning Jie Wang Indiana University Northwest 07/10/2013 01/21/2016 completed
FG-295 Scalability, Verification, and Validation Test of Scientific Applications and Related Utilities Lonnie D. Crosby University of Tennessee, Knoxville 11/20/2012 01/21/2016 completed
FG-249 Course: Large Scale Computing Infrastructure 2012 Master class Sergio Maffioletti University of Zurich 08/16/2012 07/10/2013 completed
FG-220 FutureGrid Project Challenge (Project FG-172) Sebastiano Peluso IST / INESC-ID 05/19/2012 01/21/2016 completed
FG-172 Cloud-TM Paolo Romano INESC ID, Lisbon 11/08/2011 01/21/2016 completed