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Project Number Project Name Project Lead Institution Created Completed
FG-540 Benchmarking Hadoop and Spark Karan Kotabagi Indiana University 04/22/2018 approved
FG-539 Running Github Analysis with Spark Pulasthi Wickramasinghe University of Indiana 02/20/2018 approved
FG-538 Class: E533 Spring 2018 Minje Kim Indiana University Bloomington 02/16/2018 approved
FG-537 Cloud Spring 2018 Classes at IU Gregor von Laszewski Indiana University 01/24/2018 approved
FG-536 Large-scale agent-based simulation of Github Pik-Mai Hui Indiana University Bloomington 01/19/2018 approved
FG-535 Twister2 Yarn/Mesos Integration Ahmet Uyar Indiana University 11/13/2017 approved
FG-534 Learning a vector representation of protein sequences Yuxiang Jiang Indiana University Bloomington 11/10/2017 approved
FG-533 Security in Machine Learning Models Lei Wang Indiana University Bloomington 11/01/2017 approved
FG-532 Exploring Distributed Traininig Strategies for Neural Networks with Tensorflow Jerome Mitchell PTI 10/17/2017 approved
FG-530 Deep learning with python Bokyoon Na Indiana University 06/15/2017 approved
FG-529 Tumor Model Prototyping John Metzcar Indiana University 05/22/2017 approved
FG-528 Photon Martin Swany Indiana University 04/17/2017 approved
FG-527 PubMed MEDLINE Clustered Search ramji chandrasekaran Indiana University 04/10/2017 approved
FG-526 SPEC MPI benchmark on KNL Robert Henschel Indiana University 03/02/2017 approved
FG-525 Lattice QCD on Xeon Phi Steven Gottlieb Indiana University 02/20/2017 approved
FG-520 Course: Spring 2017 CSCI-B649/E599 Cloud Computing Judy Qiu Indiana University 12/22/2016 approved
FG-519 Course: B534/E599 DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS Fall 2016 Judy Qiu Indiana University 11/01/2016 approved
FG-518 Intelligent Quality Control using AutoBundles Eleftherios Garyfallidis Indiana University 10/19/2016 approved
FG-517 High Performance Deep Learning Miao Jiang Indiana University 09/18/2016 approved
FG-514 HPC benchmarking on GPU study Lei Jiang indiana university 09/16/2016 approved
FG-513 Deep learning at scale ibrahim hallac Firat University 08/23/2016 approved
FG-512 BNN Minje Kim Indiana University Bloomington 08/12/2016 approved
FG-509 IC Device Detection Zhenhua Chen INDIANA UNIVERSITY 07/29/2016 approved
FG-508 Image recognition with deep learning David Crandall Indiana University 07/19/2016 approved
FG-507 Network Analysis Sumayah Alrwais Indiana University 07/07/2016 approved
FG-506 Hadoop 2 - Experiments Brahmendra Sravan Kumar Patibandla Indiana University 06/15/2016 approved
FG-505 Deep Learning framework in Python under RaPyDLI Md. Lisul Islam Indiana University, Bloomington 05/25/2016 approved
FG-504 Class: REU2016 Gregor von Laszewski Indiana University 05/24/2016 approved
FG-502 RADICAL Research Shantenu Jha Louisiana State University 03/26/2016 approved
FG-501 cloudmesh test Gregor von Laszewski Indiana University 03/22/2016 approved
FG-500 K-means clustering graduation project Gregor von Laszewski Indiana University 03/17/2016 approved
FG-499 A survey of microbial community during the composting process to mushroom production Fabricio Rocha Vieira The Pennsylvania State University 02/23/2016 approved
FG-498 Performance Evaluation of HDFS and FusionFS Jayalakshmi Doddamane M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology 02/10/2016 approved
FG-497 Virtualization in Private Cloud Chandrika Prasad M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology 02/05/2016 approved
FG-494 Analysis of Large Born-Digital Media Collections for Long-Term Library Deposit Heidi Dowding Indiana University 01/04/2016 approved
FG-493 Bioinformatics analysis of small rna and transcriptome sequencing for cotton and cancer research Lutfi Tutar Ahi Evran University 12/25/2015 approved
FG-492 SamzaSQL - Scalable Fast Data Management with Streaming SQL Milinda Pathirage Indiana University 12/14/2015 approved
FG-491 Course: I590 Projects on Big Data Software Spring 2016 Geoffrey Fox Indiana University 12/04/2015 approved
FG-490 Targeted Genome Mining of Natural Products Yi Tang University of California Los Angeles 11/19/2015 approved
FG-489 Course: COM 444 Cloud Computing Haluk Gumuskaya Gediz University 11/15/2015 approved
FG-488 Spring 2016 - Independent Study - Apache Storm,Apache Kafka,RabbitMQ performance bottle-necks in strongly scalable environment. Shameera Rathnayaka Yodage Indiana University 11/12/2015 approved
FG-487 Course: Fall 2015 I590/I400 Big Data: Data Management Beth Plale indiana university 10/13/2015 approved
FG-485 Learning to Summarize User-Generated Video Kristen Grauman University of Texas at Austin 09/23/2015 approved
FG-482 LDA Test Bo Peng Indiana University 08/31/2015 approved
FG-481 Explore Bigdata workflow systems and compare them with HPC workflow systems Chathuri Peli Kankanamalage Indiana University 08/28/2015 approved
FG-479 A study on Future systems as part of the course in IT department in Higher Education, Oman Ramkumar Lakshminarayanan Sur College of Applied Sciences 08/26/2015 approved
FG-477 Seismic Data Processing Platform Based on MapReduce and NoSQL Tony Liu Indiana University Bloomington 08/16/2015 approved
FG-476 privacy-preserving mapping Yongan Zhao Indiana University 08/12/2015 approved
FG-474 Harp Judy Qiu Indiana University 06/12/2015 approved
FG-472 DBPedia Project in Summer Naveen Madhire Indiana Universiry Bloomington 05/13/2015 approved
FG-470 Developing a Hybrid Approach to Automated Social Intelligence Katherine Metcalf Indiana University 05/01/2015 approved
FG-468 Discovery, Development and Bioengineering of Antimicrobial Agents from Filamentous Fungi Jaclyn Winter University of Utah 03/25/2015 approved
FG-466 COM 448 Cloud Big Data Systems and Analytics Haluk Gumuskaya Gediz University 03/16/2015 approved
FG-463 Stream processing using GPU and Bare-metal nodes Supun Kamburugamuve Indiana University 01/25/2015 approved
FG-462 matlab benchmark of FutureSystems resources Gregor von Laszewski Indiana University 01/09/2015 approved
FG-461 High Performance Data Analytics with DSC-SPIDAL Saliya Ekanayake Virginia Tech 12/29/2014 approved
FG-459 Simulations of Particle Physics data from LHC to tune Monte Carlo Event generators Nameeqa Firdous University of Wah 10/16/2014 approved
FG-454 Data Management for Polar Science Geoffrey Fox Indiana University 09/16/2014 approved
FG-442 MPI Java Performance Evaluation Saliya Ekanayake Virginia Tech 06/17/2014 approved
FG-433 Big Data Kaleidoscope Geoffrey Fox Indiana University 05/26/2014 approved
FG-409 Apache Storm and Samza Supun Kamburugamuve Indiana University 01/24/2014 approved
FG-353 Software as a Service Framework to Execute Scientific Applications in Federated Environments Javier Diaz Montes Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 07/02/2013 approved
FG-348 Scalable Framework for Agent-Based Computing Scott McCaulay Indiana University 06/25/2013 approved
FG-337 Content-based Histopathology Image Retrieval using a CometCloud-based infrastructure Javier Diaz Montes Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 05/24/2013 approved
FG-288 Federating HPC, Cyberinfrastructure and Clouds using CometCloud Javier Diaz Montes Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 11/09/2012 approved
FG-201 ExTENCI Testing, Validation, and Performance Preston Smith Purdue University 03/23/2012 approved
FG-168 Next Generation Sequencing in the Cloud Jonathan Klinginsmith Indiana University 10/23/2011 approved
FG-165 The VIEW Project Shiyong Lu Wayne State University 10/10/2011 approved
FG-82 FG General Software Development Gregor von Laszewski Indiana University 01/19/2011 approved
FG-20 Development of an information service for FutureGrid Hyungro Lee Indiana University 12/23/2010 approved
FG-9 Distributed Execution of Kepler Scientific Workflow on Future Grid Ilkay Altintas UCSD 12/20/2010 approved
FG-4 Word Sense Disambiguation for Web 2.0 Data Jonathan Klinginsmith Indiana University 12/20/2010 approved