Enhancing Eucalyptus Community Cloud

TitleEnhancing Eucalyptus Community Cloud
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsBosin, A., M. Dessalvi, G. M. Mereu, and G. Serra
JournalIntelligent Information Management
Start Page52
Pages52 - 59
Date Published2012
Type of WorkPaper
KeywordsCloud; IaaS; Eucalyptus; KVM; qcow2
AbstractIn the last few years, the cloud computing model has moved from hype to reality, as witnessed by the increasing number of commercial providers offering their cloud computing solutions. At the same time, various open-source projects are developing cloud computing frameworks open to experimental instrumentation and study. In this work we analyze Eucalyptus Community Cloud, an open-source cloud-computing framework delivering the IaaS model and running under the Linux operating system. Our aim is to present some of the results of our analysis and to propose some enhancements that can make Eucalyptus Community Cloud even more attractive for building both private and community cloud infrastructures, but also with an eye toward public clouds. In addition, we present a to-do list that may hopefully help users in the task of configuring and running their own Linux (and Windows) guests with Eucalyptus.
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