Overview of a virtual cluster using OpenNebula and SLURM

TitleOverview of a virtual cluster using OpenNebula and SLURM
Publication TypePresentation
AuthorsFarfán Estrada, I.
Secondary TitleIndiana booth presentation at Supercomputing 2011
Place PublishedSeattle, WA
Year of Publication2011
Date Published11/2011
AbstractUse of virtual machines in batch systems to increase scheduling flexibility has been proposed by others. With the goal of developing a prototype system capable of doing this, existing OpenNebula facilities were used to start development of a SLURM-based VM scheduling system, with suspend/resume and migrate capabilities. Because we needed access to low-level OpenNebula functions, Futuregrid very graciously accomodated us with direct access to compute resources. Using these resources, we were able to develop the system to the point where SLURM and a prototype external scheduler are able to convert a job script to a set of OpenNebula VM machine specifications and start the job with those VMs.
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