FutureGrid Tutorial GA1: Running a Grid Appliance with Condor on Your Desktop



This tutorial is a hands-on introduction to virtual appliances, in particular the Grid Appliance. The Grid Appliance provides a simple-to-use framework to create virtual clusters, and is used in several FutureGrid tutorials.

In this tutorial you will install and use the Grid Appliance on your own computer, and go through basic interactions with the appliance: accessing the appliance, copying files, and submission of a simple job for execution on remote Grid appliances using Condor.



  1. Intel/AMD-based desktop or laptop computer
  2. 512MB or more memory
  3. Privileges to install virtual machine software (VMware, VirtualBox, or KVM) if not already installed on your computer


Hands-on Tutorial:

This tutorial is maintained at the Grid Appliance portal. See Grid Appliance Tutorial (opens in new window).


Reference Material:

Presentation: Introduction to the Grid Appliance

Videos: Grid Appliance YouTube channel



Renato Figueiredo, University of Florida