What to Do With a New FAQ?

New questions from users are 'unpublished' node so they cannot be seen yet in the FAQ section. They will be shown in the footer of the page, in a block named:

Unanswered questions

Displayed with the message saying: "If you select a question, you must answer it."

Experts (all those can answer questions) should be able to see the list, and select a question to ask.

To answer a question, you are actually editing the node. First assign the 'category' in the 'FAQ Category' box. To get current category suggestion, input any character and the list will pop up. Then in the 'Answer' window you can put your answer in, just like what I am doing.

After that, scroll down and submit the change to get the info published, (I double checked this saving, and it disappeared from the 'unanswered questions' block and shown up in the FAQ).